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Music technology is increasingly an important part of music education and this is true at the Alpha Institute’s Alpha School of Music. Not even a year ago, the first student (successfully!) completed his School of Music audition using a disc jockey controller and now the entire school will benefit from a new space to develop their digital audio recording, mixing, and editing skills thanks to Digicel Foundation as part of a major renovation to Lennie Hibbert Hall.

From left: Marcia Tai-Chun (CEO, Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica), Sister Susan Fraser, Jean Lowrie-Chin (Chairwoman, Digicel Foundation), Margaret Little Wilson (Administrator, Alpha Institute) and Band Master Gay Magnus

“I believe Alpha is the seat and cradle of music here in Jamaica and the work that we are able to do now for young people can only thrive and get bigger and bigger and bigger,” Sister Susan Frazer recently told the Jamaica Observer. “We have the whole facility and now we only need another 100 students to come in and learn so they can have music as a part of their life story.”