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Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where do I send my application and registration fee?

Applications and accompanying documents are to be submitted in hard copy along with the $1,500 application to the Alpha School of Music at 26 South Camp Road.

What instruments can I study at ASOM?

The primary instruments that are accepted are guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, and trombone.

What kind of job can I get after music school?

Alpha graduates go on to become performers, engineers, songwriters and private instructors.

What technology is used at ASOM?

Alpha students have access to the on-campus recording studio, keyboard lab, computer resource centre, disc jockey setups, sound system, 24/7 streaming radio station, and up to 30 Digital Audio Workstations running industry-standard Pro Tools and Sibelius software.

What type of music will I play at Alpha School of Music?

A diverse cross-section of musical styles is offered allowing students with a passion for music and performance to explore the best that each genre has to offer from ska and reggae to pop, jazz, folk and world music.

What is the annual tuition cost?

$200,000 per year not including school uniform (ASOM polo shirt x 3), performance uniform (tie x 1 + white dress shirt x 2) and primary instrument.

How can tuition payment be made?

Tuition payments are made by direct lodgement or wire transfer to the Alpha School of Music bank account.

I have additional questions about the program, who do I speak to?

Please contact the Alpha School of Music at 876-618-2981, 876-618-2982 or email us @