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The Alpha School of Music (ASOM) music programme has been preparing students for the commercial music and entertainment industry for over 100 years. A diverse cross-section of musical styles is offered allowing students with a passion for music and performance to explore the best that each genre has to offer from ska and reggae to pop, jazz and folk music.

The Associate Degree in Music Performance at the Alpha School of Music is a two-year programme developed to train musicians for the commercial music and entertainment industry. It is the only tertiary programme in Jamaica that focuses on ensemble performance and also offers two pre-qualifying years of instruction for students who do not have the requisite knowledge to enter the Associate Degree programme


ASOM is based on the ensemble method, emphasizing accompaniment and solo work within a group context. Our guiding principle is that the best way to prepare students for careers in music is through group study and practice in a vocational environment including music business and marketing.


For students interested in classical music or music technology, the Associate Degree in Music Performance from the Alpha School of Music can offer relevant technology training and popular music concepts in order to become more employable.


The Alpha School of Music trains students for the commercial music and entertainment industry. The curriculum includes individual instruction on guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and keyboards, a foundation in music theory and ear training, best practices in music recording and production as well critical principles of music business and entertainment administration. Ska, reggae, blues, jazz and folk music are the primary instructional styles.


  • State-of-the-art practice rooms
  • Small and large group rehearsal rooms
  • Recording studio
  • Keyboard lab
  • Computer resource centre
  • Disc jockey set ups
  • Sound system
  • 24/7 streaming radio station
  • Outdoor stage
  • Up to 30 Digital Audio Workstations running industry-standard Pro Tools and Sibelius software for student use.

Make your music passion your career


As part of our commitment to the transition from school to work, a career counselor is available to assist students with work experience, work placement, music business internships and career counseling.


Alpha graduates go on to become performers, recording engineers, songwriters and private instructors.