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Alpha school of music virtual tour

Tap into over 100 years of training for music industry professionals with an Associate Degree in Music Performance from the Alpha School of Music.

Watch the video below to learn about all the performance, production and work experience opportunities Alpha has to offer.

00:00 Introduction

00:37 Music Technology Advanced Courses

02:34 Music Technology Beginner Courses

04:13 Work Experiences

04:54 Band Curriculum

06:56 Sound System Performance And Disc Jockey Courses

07:52 School To Work

09:44 Performance Ensembles

12:02 Internships & Travel Opportunities

12:25 Practice Rooms

14:23 Keyboard Lab

15:54 How To Contact Us

Have questions about the Alpha School of Music Associate Degree in Music Performance? Please email or call 876.618.2981-2.